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Facebook can kiss...

I like many others over the years have become addicted to Facebook. Since the rise of the tea party and trumpism I seem to be at adds with "community standards" at the media giant. Being of the Jewish Faith I will not remain silent with the alarming rise of white supremacy, bigotry, and nazi symbolism seen with alarmingly increasing frequency on the platform. The ridiculous irony is that the box prompting you to post something leads with the tagline "Howard, whats on your mind?". Well all the alarming tendencies mentioned above are on my mind. Facebook leads you on and then smacks you down when you follow it down the "rabbit hole". For me personally, I am done fighting facebook. It is too large and too powerful. My account is under "community standards" review. If they magnanimously restore my account - I am not coming back. Facebook can kiss MY ASS!


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