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Have a task.... just ask!

Our price for most tasks that are simple AND local in nature - Eight Bucks! If your task is complex in time, in other words NOT local in what you would have us do, Go For 5 will custom price the task on a sliding scale.


Our service is designed to deliver maximum satisfaction. The simple stuff Go For 5 will complete ourselves. If your request involves outside interaction (something we are unable to do ourselves) we have negotiated customized prices with vendors, businesses, and service providers throughout our service area - Saving you both time AND money. 


Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Some examples of tasks and prices from Go For 5:


Simple Tasks - 8 dollars (Completion estimated quickly and in less than 15 minutes) Examples: Pickup and delivery in your neighborhood {food, pharmacy, dry cleaning, fast food pickup), transportation LOCALLY from point A to point B.


Involved Tasks - 12 dollars (Requires 25 minutes or less to complete) Examples: Requests involving transit and completion between beach side and the eastern portion of our service area (Downtown Eau Gallie or Melbourne, and areas adjacent to US 1.


Complex Tasks - 16 dollars (Completion estimated to require more than 30 minutes) Examples: Pickup/Delivery between the beaches and West Melbourne daytime on 192 (high traffic volume), From beach side to the edges of our service area.


Hourly Tasks - 20 dollars (Completion estimated to require more that 45 minutes to complete) Examples: Pickup/Delivery plus waiting time to complete the task (take an item to a repair shop and wait on it prior to returning). Tasks that exceed one hour will be custom billed using the guidelines stated above. Tasks outside our service area may incur an additional fee. All prices are quoted in advance. Your complete satisfaction is our personal mission.


Rent Go For 5 by the Hour  -  $25/hour  -  3 hours $70  -  5 hours $120  -  All Day (9am - 5pm) $200. This pricing is available for specific hourly tasks such as data entry, assistance moving, answering phones, etc.


If your task requires purchasing, we will NOT execute any of it without prior customer confirmation. Go For 5 will deliver all goods as specifically instructed. Our goal is to execute your tasks PERFECTLY! Every time.


When Do We Complete Your Task?

As soon as we receive your submission, via telephone or internet, a Go For 5 staff member will contact you. They will confirm details and determine the price. Please be as specific as possible (sizes, brand names, particular store location or store chains). Once Go For 5 receives your approval we will schedule a Go For 5 runner who will complete the assignment.


Payment Types Accepted

Go For 5 accepts Cash as well as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.


When and How We Charge

In most cases we charge our service fee when the task is completed. In cases where we are purchasing on your behalf, we charge our service fee in advance. Upon delivery we provide a receipt for reimbursement of the goods purchased.


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